Ribeira Sacra

Rectoral de Amandi · D.O. Ribeira Sacra


ore than 2000 years of history and tradition accompany Ribeira Sacra or "Revoira Sacrata". A lush natural area, located in the southeast of Galicia, with an extremely rich biodiversity and the highest concentration of Romanesque churches in Europe.

For centuries, in these mythical landscapes crowned by the impressive canyons of the Sil and Miño rivers, flourished a legendary winemaking tradition that survives to this day, and of which the Rectoral de Amandi Winery is a direct descendant.

Tradition has it that the wine from the parish of Amandi, as our Rectoral de Amandi, was transported across the ancient Roman Empire to be tasted by the very emperors.

Later on, from the beginnings of Christianity, monks and hermits settled in the area to live the ascetic life and to perpetuate the same winemaking tradition, nowadays legendary.

At Ribeira Sacra, vineyards grow across beautiful terraces located along the deep and steep banks of the Miño and Sil rivers, turning viticulture into a constantly exciting spectacle.

The most commonly used grape is the red Mencía variety. The soft climate of the area helps its ripening process and gives the wine a recognizable unique personality.

The geographical area is divided into five zones: Amandi, Chantada, Quiroga - Bibei, Ribeiras do Miño and Ribeiras do Sil.

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