The Winery

Rectoral de Amandi · D.O. Ribeira Sacra


n ancient 1000 m2 parish from the seventeenth century gives its name to the Rectoral de Amandi Winery, located at the heart of Amandi, in the province of Lugo.

This winery has become the flagship of the whole Ribeira Sacra D.O., not only for being the largest winery in volume with more than 1.6 million bottles a year, but also for being directly responsible for the development, communication and recognition of the D.O. beyond its borders, putting its name on the map across the entire world.

  • The Parish

    The winery is located in a 1000 m2 rustic building from the seventeenth century, which used to be the parsonage that gives its name to the winery.

  • The grape

    The Mencía variety results in an extraordinary wine of intense cherry colour with a clean and elegant bouquet.

  • D.O. Ribeira Sacra

    At Ribeira Sacra, vineyards grow across beautiful terraces located along the deep and steep banks of the Miño and Sil rivers, turning viticulture into a constantly exciting spectacle.

  • At the heart of Ribeira Sacra

    Our vineyards, located at the heart of Amandi, enjoy an enviable microclimate, where the Mencía variety reaches its peak.

  • Tradition

    Every year, we continue to perpetuate a legendary winemaking tradition with over 2000 years of history.

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