Rectoral de Amandi

D.O. Ribeira Sacra

he Rectoral de Amandi Winery is named after an ancient parish from the seventeenth century located right at the heart of Ribeira Sacra. This winery has had since its origins a close identity relation with the Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin, being the first winery under this D.O. and the prime mover of its development, growth and communication worldwide.
For centuries, these mythical landscapes have seen the flourishing of a legendary winemaking tradition that survives to this day and of which our Rectoral de Amandi wine is the greatest exponent.


More than 2000 years of history and tradition accompany Ribeira Sacra or "Revoira Sacrata". A lush natural area, located in the southeast of Galicia, with an extremely rich biodiversity and the highest concentration of Romanesque churches in Europe. Ribeira Sacra

A fine and distinguished wine, reinforced by the Mencía grape unique varietals and with a beautiful cherry color with violet edges. On the nose it has an intense aroma of ripe fruit. It is produced by the first winery under D.O. Ribeira Sacra Wine Rectoral de Amandi

The Bodegas Gallegas group, with over 50 years of experience, has 5 great wineries in Galicia and our wines are present in 60 countries worldwide.
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